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Brand Name: Eagle Machinery Model Number: JD-93 Package Type: CartonEmail us at if assistance needed!Upgrade Light Sy..
Brand Name:Eagle MachineryModel Number:JD-15Package Type:CartonEmail us at if assistance needed!Model 3-Speed Transmission Gearbox Specifications:Width at Output Shafts: 0.23in / 6mmShaft Output OD: 0.19in / 5mmM3 Mounting HolesFirst Gear is 4WD (1:1 Gear Ratio)2nd Gear is..
Brand Name:Eagle MachineryModel Number:JD-100Package Type:CartonEmail us at if assistance needed!JD-100 Continuously Variable Transmission Gearbox Technical datas:Max.Ratio 1:61.44;Min.Ratio: 1:9.83;Gear Ratio: 1:24.576;Belt Pulley Ratio: 1:2.5 when start up; 2.5:1 when Ma..
Model Engine Sound Module Model Engine Sound Module
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Brand Name:Eagle MachineryModel Number:JD-56Package Type:CartonEmail us at if assistance needed!This is a replacement engine sound unit of our Bulldozer DXR2,Wheel Loader 870Kand Dump Truck 8x8,Also could be used for other construction models. Truck Engine Sound Modul..
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